Until now, the way to create a new recipe has been through researching recipe books to find out the ingredients, quantities required and techniques to achieve a good result. Common recipes used nowadays have been strongly linked to traditional recipes which limits the creativity of the professional.
With the desire to overcome these boundaries, Jordi Bordas has developed a method which has allowed you to create your own recipes from scratch.


The trial and error process slows down, complicates and adds an extra cost to your patisserie production.
With the B·Concept method, you can develop new recipes based on various parameters. B·Concept has been developed from a comprehensive study of ingredients, techniques, processes, phenomens and physicochemical reactions, as well as the tools and machinery involved in each recipe.


B·Concept provides freedom and creativity. Each professional can define the attributes of their creations making them unique every time.
With B·Concept, Jordi Bordas, has managed to present his ideology and personality through his creations.
The freedom to define attributes has allowed him to develop and create patisserie which is healthier, lower in fat and calories, with a more intense flavour and lighter textures which are easier to digest.


  • A method which helps you understand what happens within each recipe so that you can design your own recipe. This is a gift.

    Jordi Roca
    Jordi Roca
    Best Pastry Chef in the world and Pastry chef at Celler de Can Roca
  • I think that this can really help evolve our profession. It can help us improve many things and solve problems when creating new récipes and desserts.

    Julien Álvarez
    Julien Álvarez
    World Champion Pastry chef and Pastry chef at the Peninsula Hotel in Paris
  • Without experience, know-how, without a minimal knowledge of the ingredients, you either have a lot of luck or do many tests where you lose a lot of time…

    Ramón Morató
    Ramón Morató
    Creative Director Cacao Barry
  • It would be wonderful to have a creative method that offers security and regularity when creating a guide, no? when inspiration strikes and you create your recipe.

    Albert Adrià
    Albert Adrià
    Owner and gastronomic group coordinator elBarri
  • The method I’ve seen and you’ve taught me is a tool, a tool for creating patisserie.

    Franck Fresson
    Franck Fresson
    Meilleur ouvrier de FranceMembre de l'association internationale "Relais Desserts"

Application of the methodology

The following charts show a comparison in traditional recipes and recipes that have had the B·Concept applied to them, according to the style of patisserie that the Pastry chef requires.
Lemon cream

Classic recipe

Sugar 17.60%
Egg 18.80%
Egg yolk 16.50%
Butter 82% 17.60%
Lemon juice 29.00%
Lemon zest 0.50%

Evolved recipe

Sugar 16.00%
Pasteurised egg whites 41.00%
Gelatine mass 6:1 3.50%
Butter 82% 14.00%
Lemon juice 25.00%
Lemon zest 0.50%


The evolved recipe has a sharper flavour without distortion of the lemon, without losing its stability and significantly reducing the final calorie content.

Chocolate mousse 65% cocoa solid

Classic recipe

Cream 35% 45.4 %
Milk 10.40 %
Egg yolk 4.20 %
Sugar 4.00 %
65% cocoa solid couverture chocolate 36.00 %

Evolved recipe

Sunflower oil 1.80 %
Liquid lecithin 0.50 %
Gelatine mass 6:1 4.20 %
Water 26.63 %
65% cocoa solid couverture chocolate 36.04 %
Pasteurised egg whites 18.02 %
Atomised glucose DE 38 8.01 %


In this recipe we have removed the egg yolk and lactose so that the fat content of the mousse has halved.

Are you independent when creating your own recipe?

Do you think your patisserie offering is adapted to current consumer necessities?

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