B·Pro is an IT software that allows you to optimise production efficiency in your kitchen. It is designed for professionals working in all areas of gastronomy from patisserie, bakeries to cocktail bars etc. A simple, practical and precise tool which allows you to control the different areas of your Kitchen.


Ingredient management

Organise the Ingredients by category, reference number, suppliers, stock or allergens.

Recipe management

Store your recipes and adapt the quantities required for production in only one click.

Task planning

Manage your team efficiently with detailed daily production lists.

Product costing

Calculate the real cost of each product and its RRP using the margins you choose.

Supplier management

Organise your suppliers by product and produce personalised orders automatically.

Allergen control

Assign the allergens of each ingredient to your recipes.

Product labelling

Define Ingredients by product and possible allergens by creating labels that conform to current legislation.


Adjust the parameters according to your business needs to evaluate the profitability of each product.



B · Pro is only compatible with the Windows operating system, Mac users must have Boot Camp or similar.


If you wish to buy the B·Pro software for your business or personal use, please contact us: info@jordibordas.com