About us

Since 2013 our mission is to research, develop and promote new pastry concepts, products and recipes. We are a dynamic, creative and enthusiastic team focused on the objective to innovate and share knowledge.

We believe that pastry needs to constantly grow and evolve. For this reason, in our pastry school in Viladecans we offer the possibility to learn the most innovative pastry techniques from Jordi Bordas – World Pastry Cup Champion and founder of the B-Concept method.

Small groups

Our courses are limited to a maximum of 10 participants. This way the students have a closer and more profound learning experience.

Weighed recipes

All the ingredients are previously weighed out and the material is prepared by our team. The students maximise their time on the course.

Recipe booklet

At the beginning of the course, each student is provided with a booklet with the recipes and the theory part fully explained.


At the end of each course, all students receive a signed certificate that shows the course content and duration.

Jordi Bordas

Jordi Bordas is a pastry chef who is revolutionizing the pastry field.

After becoming the World Pastry Champion at Sirha – Lyon in 2011, Jordi Bordas started to investigate and develop new recipes. This intense work led him to present the B·Concept, his own method to create from scratch healthier, lighter and tastier recipes, at 2014 Barcelona Gastronomic Forum.

In 2015, he opened a pastry school in Viladecans, a space devoted to R&D of new pastry products, as well as teaching pastry students and professionals.

Thanks to his passion and his innovative view, he has developed together with Soft-Euro company the B·Pro software, designed to manage recipes and work spaces efficiently.

Currently, Jordi is travelling around the world as the global ambassador of Felchlin, a company which produces chocolate, and Ravifruit, which produces fruit purees. In the courses and demonstrations that he gives, the participants learn how to use these high-quality ingredients through B·Concept method.

Marta Toré

arta Lopez

Team leader and Head of marketing & communication

Puri Rivilla

Puri Rivilla

Administration & customer support

Elena Samblás

Elena Samblás

Marketing assistant & teaching materials editor

Inés Tomás

Ines Tomas

Event management and B·Pro technician

Mariona Fidalgo

Mariona Fidalgo

Course management and pastry assistant

Lluc Dalmau

Lluc Dalmau

Head of pastry shop production

Adrianna Jaworska

Adrianna Jaworska

Pastry technician – R&D responsible

Ricardo Carmona

Ricardo Carmona

Pastry technician – R&D responsible

Pepi Gil


Responsible for the team meals and school maintenance

Flor Vogel

Flor Vogel

Pastry assistant

Are you passionate about pastry?

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Send us your CV: info@jordibordas.com


Elle et Vire

Elle & Vire produces butters, creams cheeses and desserts.


Felchlin makes the best chocolate couvertures and cocoa derived products in the world.


Ravifruit produces frozen natural fruit purees, compotes and sliced fruit.

Sosa ingredients

Sosa Ingredients produces and distributes gastronomy and patisserie ingredients.