A pastry gun to get perfect finishes B·Concept

As in any pastry school or atelier, at Aula Jordi Bordas and Santacreu Viladecans pastry shop we do have equipment that allows us to efficiently elaborate and manufacture our products. Working well and fast is essential to achieve optimal results and have the elaborations ready when we need them, so...

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B·Concept / Philosophy

For me, pastry is a language, a form of expression, my way of communicating with the world. Pastry is my life. It has made me question everything, reflect more and, above all, look for answers. Not long ago I told you about my beginnings, my experience and how we got...

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Eight technical books for pastry chefs B·Concept

While there is a – seemingly infinite – number of pastry books filled with recipes of the world’s greatest pastry chefs, we are often asked at our B·Concept courses by pastry students and chefs alike to guide them toward more technical pastry books; books that could help them deepen their...

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