B·Concept / Philosophy

For me, pastry is a language, a form of expression, my way of communicating with the world. Pastry is my life. It has made me question everything, reflect more and, above all, look for answers. Not long ago I told you about my beginnings, my experience and how we got...

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Cuando viajamos y me preguntan de dónde soy, tengo la “mala” costumbre de simplificar diciendo que soy de Barcelona: la gente lo ubica rápido. Pero en realidad nací, crecí y sigo haciendo vida en Viladecans. De esta pequeña gran ciudad a 20 minutos de la capital es de donde proviene...

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Values Philosophy

“We are what we eat”, says the proverb. Personally, I add what we are eating and what we have eaten. As far as I am concerned, since I was a child, the daily menu was first effort, then perseverance, and for dessert, self-improvement. We could always have a second helping...

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