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New ideas, healthier desserts, christmas desserts, chocolate making….what one will you choose?


The new calendar has now been published with all the courses available for the final quarter of this year.

We’ve wanted to plan courses which are useful and practicals so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

There is a variety of courses which cover different areas such as japanese patisserie. In this course we will understand the main ingredients used in Japanese gastronomy and apply them to patisserie. We’ve also thought about traditional patisserie and we have a course that will cover this with ideas from our point of view.

We will be doing the gluten free patisserie course as this is becoming more in demand. All the information can be found on this link. We couldn’t resist planning another chocolate course!

Christmas will be fast approaching. Will you be in charge of making the desserts this year? We have two courses to make your christmas desserts extra special, classic turrons and the other is to prepare your own christmas yule log.

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