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Eight technical books for pastry chefs B·Concept

While there is a – seemingly infinite – number of pastry books filled with recipes of the world’s greatest pastry chefs, we are often asked at our B·Concept courses by pastry students and chefs alike to guide them toward more technical pastry books; books that could help them deepen their...

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La magia de crear Events

La semana pasada tuvimos la oportunidad de realizar un taller en el Fòrum Gastronòmic que se celebró en Barcelona. Tras haber presentado hace dos años nuestro método B·Concept en el auditorio de la misma feria, esta nueva oportunidad nos permitió estar más cerca de vosotros y compartir, durante una hora...

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Happy to be back! Courses / Events

We do not know if there are lots of people happy to see September here again, but as far as we are concerned, it is the starting signal for a promising season and… Yes! We were looking forward to it! In October we are coming back with the courses, at...

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Polo helado de arándanos Recipes

Para refrescar el paladar y saciar nuestro apetito de dulce, nada mejor que un polo de fruta. Su alto contenido en agua lo convierte en el aliado perfecto contra el calor y si le sumamos los beneficios de las fruta se convierte en el combo perfecto. Este polo de arándano es...

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New course calendar Courses

  The new calendar has now been published with all the courses available for the final quarter of this year. We’ve wanted to plan courses which are useful and practicals so that you can fully enjoy the experience. There is a variety of courses which cover different areas such as...

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Australia, here we go! Events

  Next week we are going to Australia with Ravifruit, where we will be part of the prestigious judging panel of the competition, Savour Patissier of the Year. This competition is organised by the school which Kirsten Tibbals runs. Along with Julien Alvarez, Franck Haasnoot and Paul Kennedy, we will...

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