Introductory Course to the B·Concept method

Embark yourself into the world of a healthier, lighter, and tastier pastry


In this online course you will learn the keys to our vision of a healthier, lighter, and tastier pastry. This is a theoretical and practical course that will become a starting point to understand the fundamentals of the B·Concept recipe formulation method.
  • Discover our key pastry ingredients.
  • Learn the basics of the texture creating techniques.
  • Discover the B·Concept method and the possibilities it offers you to have creative freedom.
  • Learn to make 4 healthier, lighter, and tastier pastry elaborations.


Key features

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    100% online Take this couse from anywhere in the world, using any device with internet access.
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    At your own pace Organize yourself and take the course when and how you want to.
  • Immediate access Register and immediately access to enjoy the content.
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    Downloadable recipe dossier Download and print the PDF materials to follow the course in much more detail.
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    High-quality video lessons 8 hours of high-resolution videos.
  • High-level training Learn with Jordi Bordas, World Pastry Champion.

Aimed at

This course is for you if you are passionate about pastry, if you work or would like to work in a pastry business, coffee shop, or hotel, or if you are engaged in the food sector R&D&i. It is also for you if…

  • You want to learn the fundamentals of the B·Concept pastry recipe method.
  • You want to learn how to make a healthier, lighter and tastier pastry.
  • You want to discover the key pastry ingredients and the texture creating techniques so that you can adapt your classic recipes and create new elaborations.
  • You want to discover 4 unique elaborations created by Jordi Bordas.


In this course you will embark yourself into the fascinating world of the B·Concept method, and you will discover the key elements of our vision of pastry: a healthier, lighter, and tastier one.

This course is divided into two main parts; one is theoretical and the other one is practical. In the theoretical part, we will introduce our philosophy, the ingredients we use in our recipes, the texture creating techniques, and the step-by-step B·Concept method. In the practical part, you will learn to elaborate 4 unique and different products: a petit gâteau, an entremets, a travel cake, and a tartlet.




The course begins with a brief introduction of our work philosophy, which is mainly about making recipes with a good nutritional profile, easy to digest, and with a pleasant, clean, and defined flavor. 

In this lesson you will discover the main ingredients that we work with, such as gluten free flours, unrefined sugars, eggs and dairy (and their alternatives), fats, and fibers.

Next, you will discover the basics of the four pastry texture creating techniques: emulsification, aeration, thickening, and gelation.

In this last theoretical lesson, you will make an approach to the B·Concept method 4 steps to formulate recipes from scratch.

gluten free

A petit gâteau in which we made cocoa our protagonist by creating different textures in which we enhance its rich and tasty flavor. Composed of a cocoa sponge cake, an almond, cocoa and ChocoCoco crumble and crunchy, a cocoa creamy, gelée and mousse. We gave it a final shiny touch with a dark chocolate glaze and decorated it with a cocoa bean.

gluten free | lactose free

An entremets in which we worked with a pairing of apple and lime. The lime, provides a fresh touch, enhances the apple’s flavor, and also gives an acidic touch by lowering the pH of the preparation in which it is used. We also worked with hazelnut to create a contrast between the refreshing acidic taste of the apple and a more neutral taste from the nut. Composed of a granola and pecan nut crunchy at the bottom, a lime sponge cake, a hazelnut praliné creamy, an apple and lime gelled compote, an apple and lime mousse, and a decoration of very thin apple slices, a shiny glaze, and a granola “hoop”.

gluten free | lactose free

A cake in which we worked with a cocoa bean from Ghana, very rich in flavor, in the form of cocoa paste and cocoa nibs. We also worked with pecan nuts, which give this preparation its characteristic flavor.

Starting from bottom to top, the different textures in this elaboration are a pecan nut and cocoa cake batter, a light cocoa ganache, a pecan nut and chocolate coating, and candied pecan nuts.

gluten free | lactose free

A tartlet in which in which we worked with pistachio and two citrus fruits: lime and lemon. A perfect balance of neutral and acidic flavors. On top of a pistachio sablée, we find a pistachio cake batter, a lime and lemon creamy, and a meringue. Finished with a decoration with lemon and lime zest and some chopped pistachios.


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  • 8 hours of detailed recipe instructions
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Sample Lessons

Frequently asked questions


In this table you can find the main differences between both:

Comparison of courses3

The course is 3 hours long and you can access the content for 12 months from the time of your registration.

Yes, you can access immediately after your registration.

No. Since the videos are in full HD, it is impossible to send you the videos or to give you the option to download them. However, the platform is adapted so that you can watch the videos from different devices with an internet connection, always preserving the same quality.

Yes, you can download all the documents in PDF so that you can save them on your devices or print them whenever you want.

It is not necessary for you to have previous experience or knowledge, although it is important that you are eager to learn!

It is an ideal course for those who want to get started in the world of a healthier, lighter, and tastier pastry, and learn to make unique creations following a step-by-step methodology. It is also a perfect course for those pastry professionals who wish to adapt their classic products and transform them into healthier elaborations.

This course is 50 % theoretical and 50 % practical. It is divided into two main parts. The first theoretical part dedicated to the B·Concept method in which we review our key pastry ingredients and the texture creation techniques. The second practical part is dedicated to pastry elaborations, in which we take the theory into practice by making 4 pastry products following a step-by-step elaboration process.

Yes, although we recommend that you follow the order proposed in the course program.

You can use a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer with an internet connection, although our recommendation is that you have a computer to better view the content.

Knowing that some ingredients may be difficult to obtain in some places, and that personal preferences may motivate the use of ingredients different from the ones we use in this course, we propose some substitutions of those ingredients, or alternative recipes with more common ingredients.

At this link you can see the list of ingredients that we have chosen to use for the elaborations of the course. You will also find the machines, electronic devices and the material we use. Obviously, it is not necessary
but you do need to know what they are used for. The brands indicated are merely indicative and do not mean that they must be purchased from these suppliers.



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As this is an Immediate Access course, you will not be able to cancel the registration.

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