Cacao Bean, a tasty and refined celebration

New news comes with the launch of new products. We have created a new product, "Cacao Bean". We want to celebrate an important step in the history of Felchlin, the opening of the new educational and research center Condirama, with the creation of a new product "Cacao Bean". A commitment to the future, but also to the present, at a time when innovation and learning are evolving by the minute.

As a result, for this petit gâteau we have chosen  the form of cocoa bean since it is such an essential ingredient un pastry, a pure essence of the cacao fruit. We believe that Felchlin is unique in its ability to preserve the soul of primary ingredients, but also in the aspect of always being faithful to the principles and values of the brand.

The flavours that make up this little dessert are mainly two of our favourite couvertures. Firstly, Maracaibo Clasificado 65%, because represents the result of the effort and impeccable work of the Felchlin team. Secondly, Costa Rica 70%, that together with other ingredients such as Macadamia nut and vanilla, transport us to that farm in Costa Rica called “La Amistad” (friendship), a place and a wonderful name which expresses very well the relationship we have had with Felchlin for so many years.

Finally, to complement the taste of pure cocoa, we wanted to give our personal touch with flavours that transport you to the tropics. That’s why inside our chocolate bean you’ll find almond, cocoa and macadamia crunch. Vibrant flavours that make this Cacao Bean in the form of a petit gâteau a tasty and refined treat.

This explosion of flavour has been achieved through a play of textures, especially by adding one of Felchlin‘s latest products, cocoa juice. An extract from the juice of the cocoa fruit from Ghana’s forests, converted into a jelly, to make Cacao Bean the purest and most autochthonous!

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