di&vi chocolate bar collection

Balance & emotion


Organic cocoa

To create these chocolate bars, we chose to work with an organic cocoa, grown under strict quality and sustainability criteria.

High fiber content

di&vi chocolate bars have up to a 30% of soluble fiber, making them an ideal complement to a diet rich in fiber.

100 % vegan

For the 42 % and the 47 % varieties, we used an organic coconut milk powder with a very mild flavor that grant creaminess when it comes to taste.

Coconut sugar

We have used this 100% organic natural sweetener, obtained from the sap of the coconut blossom.


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    Try the complete di&vi chocolate bars collection and choose your favorite one. 5 cocoa intensities for 5 different experiences. 

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  • di&vi chocolates

    ChocoBalance 70 %

    It stands out for its intense and robust flavor of pure cocoa.

  • di&vi chocolates

    ChocoEmotion 65 %

    It stands out for its intense cocoa flavor, and it favors a pleasant and creamy experience.

  • di&vi chocolates

    ChocoEmotion 52 %

    It stands out for its flavor pairing of nuts, dried raspberry, and cocoa. A chocolate with a unique flavor profile full of different aromatic notes.  

  • di&vi chocolates

    ChocoEmotion 47 %

    It stands out for a strong cocoa flavor with subtle notes of coco. The cocoa nibs give it a pleasant, crunchy touch and a remarkable texture.

  • di&vi chocolates

    ChocoEmotion 42

    It stands out for its intense cocoa flavor with subtle notes of coco.

More than a chocolate

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to combine in the same chocolate bar both, the wisdom of an expert in health, and the knowledge of a World Pastry Champion? di&vi is a unique collection designed by the psychoneuroimmunologist, Xevi Verdaguer and the World Pastry Champion Jordi Bordas, with the quality guarantee of Xocolata Jolonch.

Within the di&vi collection you can find a variety of cocoa textures, nuances, and intensities, as well as different nutritional values depending on the selection of ingredients.

All chocolate bars are made with organic cocoa and coconut sugar, various probiotics, and a high content of soluble fibers. According to the probiotics used, we distinguish two main varieties: ChocoEmotion and ChocoBalance.

In this video, we tell you all about our di&vi chocolate bars collection!