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Healthier Petits Gâteaux Course

Discover the unique petits gâteaux collection


With this course we make a trip to Paris come true! We teach you how to make our petits gâteaux collection:
  • Learn to make 6 healthier, lighter, and tastier petits gâteaux.
  • Discover new key ingredients used to create the pastry of the future.
  • Learn how to combine different ingredients to get unique pairings. 
  • Learn different decoration techniques such as the velvet finish and glazing.


Key features

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    100% online Take this couse from anywhere in the world, using any device with internet access.
  • Course start Register and access immediately to enjoy the contents.
  • Certificate by Jordi Bordas Obtain a pastry certificate issued by the Jordi Bordas School.
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    At your own pace Organize yourself and take the course when and how you want. You will be able to access the contents for 12 months
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    Downloadable recipe dossier Download and print the PDF materials to follow the course in much more detail.
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    High-quality video lessons 3 hours of high-resolution videos.
  • High-level training Learn with Jordi Bordas, World Pastry Champion.

Aimed at

This course is for you if you are passionate about pastry, if you work or would like to work in a pastry business, coffee shop, or hotel, or if you are engaged in the food sector R&D&i. It is also for you if…

  • You want to learn the fundamentals of the B·Concept pastry recipe method.
  • You want to learn how to make a healthier, lighter and tastier pastry.
  • You want to discover 6 unique petits gâteaux created by Jordi Bordas.
  • You want to adapt classic elaborations to your needs and to pastry trends, and you want to learn how to make new elaborations.




In this course you will learn to make 6 petits gâteaux using different pastry techniques and applying unique finishing touches. You will learn to make elaborations such as a Strawberries and mascarpone petit gâteau, and even more exotic ones like the Banoffee petit gâteau and the Peach tartlet. We will make all types of textures with tasty ingredients: from fruits such as peach and strawberries, to nuts and chocolate.




Elaborations that you will learn to make in this course:


gluten free

In this petit gâteau, we mainly worked with mascarpone cheese and strawberry, which balances the milky flavor of the cheese, with its fruity and acidic notes. The different textures of this petit gâteau are: an almond and strawberry crunchy, an almond and vanilla cake batter, a strawberry mousse, a mascarpone creamy, a strawberry and raspberry glaze, some strawberry pieces, and a mascarpone veil sprinkled with freeze-dried strawberries that covers the petit gâteau in a subtle and elegant way.

gluten free

In this petit gâteau we worked with different flavors pairing: A characteristic flavor from a very special cocoa with a smoky touch, dairy and coffee flavors, and a touch of caramel and vanilla. The different textures of this petit gâteau are: an almond, cocoa, and dark chocolate crunchy; an almond, dark chocolate, and coffee dacquoise; a coffee, caramel, and dark chocolate creamy; a super light dark chocolate mousse; and a decoration with black paint for a velvet finish.

gluten free | lactose free

A petit gâteau in which we worked with roasted peach and almond. The protagonist of this elaboration is clearly the peach, so we enhanced its flavor and paired it with the subtle flavor of almond. The different textures of this petit gâteau are: an almond sablée, an almond cream, a roasted peach creamy, and a super light peach air. We combined yellow and red paints for a fancy and colorful finish that mimics the colors of the peach.

gluten free

We made some adaptations to the classic banana and caramel Banoffee, to create our own Banoffee version, by also adding peanut, vanilla, and muscovado sugar. Our version is lighter and tastier, as we also enhanced the flavors of the main ingredients. The different textures in our Banoffee are: a peanut crunchy, roasted banana baked with coconut sugar, a light milk chocolate mousse, a salted butter caramel with a vanilla touch, a light banana mousse, and a peanut sponge cake. For the finishing touches we chose to use powdered cocoa and caramel glaze.

gluten free

A classic petit gâteau in which we balanced the dairy and neutral flavor from the cream cheese, with that of the mango which is more acidic and refreshing. The different textures of this petit gâteau are: an almond and beurre noisette crunchy, a cream cheese mousse, a mango mousse which gives a fruity and exotic touch to this classic elaboration. For the finishing touches we made a layer of yellow paint for a velvet finish, a mango glaze, pieces of mango, and lime zest.

gluten free | lactose free

In this petit gâteau we wanted to create 5 different textures in which we could enhance the flavor of the main ingredient: Hazelnut. We combined it with water, instead of dairy, to preserve the hazelnut flavor. The 5 textures of this petit gâteau are: a hazelnut crunchy, a hazelnut mousse, a hazelnut sponge cake, a semi-liquid hazelnut creamy, and a hazelnut coating.


Your registration includes:
  • Downloadable material in PDF
  • High-quality video lessons
  • 3 hours of detailed recipe instructions
  • Immediate access
  • 12 months of access to the Virtual Campus
  • Training Certificate by Jordi Bordas


120 + taxes which will be calculated at registration depending on the student's country of residence.
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Pay now: 144,00

Frequently asked questions


The course is 3 hours long and you can access the content for 12 months from the time of your registration.

Yes, you can access immediately after your registration.

No. Since the videos are in full HD, it is impossible to send you the videos or to give you the option to download them. However, the platform is adapted so that you can watch the videos from different devices with an internet connection, always preserving the same quality.

Yes, you can download all the documents in PDF so that you can save them on your devices or print them whenever you want.

It is not necessary for you to have previous experience or knowledge, although it is important that you are eager to learn!

It is an ideal course for those who want to get started in pâtisserie de boutique and learn to make unique creations. It is also a perfect course for those pastry professionals who wish to adapt the most classic petit gâteaux and transform them into healthier elaborations.

The course is 100% practical. You will learn to make 6 preparations with different textures and flavors in which we will apply the philosophy of the B·Concept method: a healthier, lighter and tastier pastry.

Yes, although we recommend that you follow the order proposed in the course program.

You can use a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer with an internet connection, although our recommendation is that you have a computer to better view the content.

We can send you a certificate confirming that you completed the course in our school once you have finished, at your request.


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Depending on the residence of each student, the corresponding tax will be applied according to current regulations.

As this is an Immediate Access course, you will not be able to cancel the registration.

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