Tropical Cake

This week we have been at Sirha where, in addition to discovering the latest pastry trends, we have been able to reconnect with friends and collaborators. Among them Ravifruit, who invited us to perform a demo at their stand thanks to which we could meet in person many of you. It has been a pleasure!

In the demonstration we presented our Tropical Cake, a dessert that always surprises, since its fresh and clean flavours are able to transport us anywhere with just a bite. It is a recipe composed of coconut and passion fruit cake batter and mango creamy. The latter, developed with the intention of transmitting the strength of the fruit’s pure flavour. A tender and fresh recipe that will not leave you indifferent. Here you have it so you can check it anytime you want! Will you have it a go?



290 g Coconut and passion fruit cake smoothie
330 g Mango creamy
q.s. Fresh mango dices, lime zest

Paint Jarpega “JAR-440190-60”  cake moulds (19×4.5x6cm with insert hole) with melted butter and covered with rice flour.
Prepare the batter, dose into the moulds, bake, cool to 35-40ºC, unmould and freeze.
Prepare the creamy and pipe into the cakes’ holes. Use the same creamy to smooth down the cakes’ surface and to garnish them using a piping bag with a multi hole nozzle. Finish with fresh mango dices and lime zest.


177 g (8%) Pasteurized egg yolks
265 g (12%) Coconut puree 10% Ravifruit
331 g (15%) Passion fruit puree 10% Ravifruit
397 g (18%) Butter 82% Elle&Vire
287 g (13%) Sugar
309 g (14%) Ground almonds  Sosa
66 g (3%) Grated coconut Sosa
362 g (16.4%) Rice flour
13 g (0.6%) Baking Powder Sosa

Heat separately the egg yolks and the purees to 25ºC and the butter to 35ºC.
Stir the egg yolks into the butter, vigorously emulsifying with a hand blender. Gradually add the purees.
Add the sugar and mix with the hand blender.
Add the ground almonds and desiccated coconut and mix for 1 minute more.
Sieve together the rice flour and baking powder and add to the mixture, working the least possible.
Mould and bake in the oven at 145ºC for 28 minutes with the vent closed.


151 g (6%) Sugar
40 g (1.6%) Pectin NH Sosa
13 g (0.5%) Emulsifier Natur Emul Sosa
1730 g (68.9%) Mango puree 10% Ravifruit
226 g (9%) Pasteurized egg yolks
352 g (14%) Butter 82% Elle&Vire

Mix the sugar, pectin and emulsifier together.
Heat the puree and egg yolks to 45ºC, stir in the sugar mixture and heat to 85ºC, stirring constantly. Cool in the fridge for 1 hour (to activate the emulsifier).
Heat the previous mixture to 40ºC and the butter to 35ºC. Gradually stir the mixture into the butter, vigorously emulsifying with a hand blender.
Use or keep in the fridge at 4ºC.

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