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Meet the Chef with Alba Ruiz

Brioche in hand, ready to enjoy! 🍞 Today we’re off to the bustling neighborhood of Gràcia, Barcelona to meet our newest edition to Meet the chef. Let's go!

Alba Ruiz, former student of the Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course, has launched a new project called Morreig alongside her partner Matthieu Atzenhoffer and their colleague Gemma. We find a super welcoming, workshop for baked goods and ice-cream,100% artisanal. Her dedication to authenticity and uniqueness shows in every one of her elaborations. What a pleasure for the senses!

Alba is a graduated Law student, though her passion has always been for pastry. For her, it’s a form of escapism and relaxation, a pathway to peace and tranquility in her day-to-day life. Without a doubt, she is truly in love with her work and this shines through in everything she does.

Passionate and filled with an eagerness to overcome new challenges, she has always dreamed of launching her own business with Matt, the “Best Baker in France,” 2019. Being such an expert in baked goods, Matt takes charge in this area at Morreig . Once you try his pain au chocolat, you’ll understand.

Briocherie 🥐 is his specialty, rolls, croissants, cookies and, the main event, brioche with ice-cream. Incredible! And what can we say—his ice-creams are sensational. Super special flavors and combinations such as pistachio, coconut with Chantilly, gianduja and even popcorn, in honor of the cinema Verdi. They also offer fruit sorbets such as Maresme strawberry, in which they have completely cut out dairy from their elaboration.

They are currently investigating new ingredients, more conscious and nutritious , in order to incorporate these in their display products. After some tests, we’ll soon be able to enjoy their vegan ice-creams and gluten-free cones.

In Morreig, the flavor of each elaboration is key, as well as the importance of maintaining a very well-kept aesthetic, which we were able to see for ourselves during our visit. They always uphold respect for their work, for all things artisanal and good, hard work. You can count on them!

Alba spent a lot of time unsuccessfully searching for more technical pastry books that were easy to pick up on, with clear and simple explanations. Then, she came across the Extended Online B·Concept pastry course. One of her biggest questions before beginning the course was how to understand all those explanations on molecules and, as of now, what she most values is how easily and clearly our educative team explains each concept.

She confirmed that all the knowledge shared in the course is very attainable for anyone and everyone who has a thirst for knowledge and discovering more about the pastry world and its ingredients.

“When I began, it was magical, because it was exactly what I’d been looking for. I have to say, I was very surprised by the number of scientific references there was, because it seemed like there was an incredible amount of hard work behind it all," Alba assures.

After finishing the Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course, Alba has very clear that her future will travel along the B·Concept path and she will continue to investigate so as to achieve a healthier, more inclusive pastry adapted to all walks of life .

We’re happy to have been a part of her story and to have helped her on her journey to achieving her dream of launching a new project. We hope you enjoy this interview, filmed by Ramón Pampín, in which Alba explains her experience in the pastry sector. 🍰

We want to thank Alba Ruiz for her participation in this newest edition of Meet the Chef and wish the whole team all the luck in the world. Make sure you visit her Instagram profile to learn more about her! 🤩

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