The B路Concept Method from two different online educational experiences

Are you looking for a new challenge for this back-to-school season? We have something for you that will change the way in which you understand pastry. Keep reading!

We鈥檝e been working on new projects to continue sharing with you the knowledge behind the B路Concept recipe formulation method. Today, we present you with one of our new courses:聽The Introductory Course to the B路Concept Method!

As you know, we鈥檝e been teaching the聽Extended Online B路Concept Pastry Course聽for two years now, and we are very happy to see how new pastry business are born or progress after the knowledge learned in this unique training.

We鈥檝e designed a new introductory course for all those people that need a first dive into the world of the B路Concept method. Of course, all our courses are born from our vision of a healthier, lighter, and tastier pastry, but each one of them have a different approach to cover specific needs. Next, you have the聽main differences between the extended course and the introductory course:

In the Introductory Course to the B路Concept Method聽 you will learn the keys of our vision of pastry. This is a theoretical and practical course that will become your starting point to understand the fundamentals of the B路Concept recipe formulation method.

You will have immediate access to this course as soon as you register, so that you can start asap!

Also, the Extended Online B路Concept Pastry Course is an ideal course to learn pastry from scratch starting from understanding the ingredients, to mastering the techniques, learning to formulate recipes, and creating 12 unique elaborations, some of them are lactose free, gluten free, or vegan.

We want you to know that聽you don鈥檛 need to have previous knowledge聽to enroll in either one of these courses, nor you need to be a professional pastry chef. We do recommend you enroll if you are eager to study and learn a new pastry perspective.

Next, we detail the differences between these two courses!

We hope that all your doubts have been solved in this article. If not, you can also contact us at info@jordibordas.com or by phone at +34 93 611 20 70.

We hope to see you soon in our Pastry School!

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