Art, science & inulin: Bringing chicory root fiber to amateur pastry chefs

We have been saying it for a long time: fibers will soon be an essential ingredient in the food industry, especially in the context of healthy pastries and confectionery. They are very versatile texturizing agents, capable of replacing both fat and sugar, and they also provide us with numerous health benefits. In this case, we will focus on chicory fiber.

On June 28th and 29th, we had the opportunity to participate in Plant Biology Europe Congress 2021, joining a unique multidisciplinary event (“Let’s eat CHICque. Gourmet Aftertastes”) during which we presented two fiber-enriched desserts and talked about the benefits of using inulin and oligofructose in pastry preparations.

At the crossroads between art, science and gastronomy; the event highlighted both the molecular composition of chicory root inulin and its derivative – oligofructose, as well as their nutritional, texturizing and organoleptic properties.

For this special occasion, we presented two desserts: a sugar free chocolate "souffle", and a gluten and lactose free twist on a classic lemon pie, both created with the B·Concept method, and following our philosophy: healthier, lighter and tastier pastry.

Over forty participants had the opportunity to follow Jordi’s video tutorial online and successfully execute a dessert of their choice. On the second day of the event, during a sensory panel, the participants could evaluate both desserts in terms of texture, flavor, and so on. 

We also discussed how drinking chicory coffee (or any non-neutral beverage, for that matter) before the tasting can influence our perception of sweetness, sourness, or the overall flavor intensity.

Learn more about chicory root fiber

If you would like to learn more about inulin and listen to Jordi elaborate on its functional properties, watch this video:

And if you are interested to see what the participants had to say about the desserts:

And if you would like to learn to make healthier desserts like these two; do not forget that we have just launched our very first book "Healthier, lighter and tastier pastry.

Special thanks to Jill Scott, Marille Hahne, Karolina Wlazlo Malinowska & Joanna Hoffman (Art & Science Node) & Matthew de Roode (Sensus) for their invitation to join Art & Science Synergy Program, organized by Art & Science Node at the Plant Biology Europe Congress 2021.


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