Jordi Bordas presents his healthier, lighter, and tastier pastry on MasterChef

On June 29th, Jordi made a reappearance on MasterChef to talk about his vision of pastry and offer the aspiring chefs of the program some practical advice. His television appearance also coincided with the launch of his first recipe book: "Healthier, lighter and tastier pastry", which you can buy here.

He already marveled the spectators in 2015 with his famous Mandarin, and in that very moment he demonstrated that pastry can be adapted to the needs of each and every one of us, without having to sacrifice the flavor or the texture. This little fruit-shaped treat is both gluten and lactose free, has a light texture, and its mandarin-hazelnut flavor pairing is simply spectacular.

Mandarina detail by Jordi Bordas
Jordi Bordas with his individual Mandarina.

In the newest edition of MasterChef 2021, Jordi has once again blown us away with a buffet of healthier, lighter and tastier elaborations. The judges Samantha, Jordi and Pepe got to try some of them, like the cheesecake made with berries, lime, basil and almond, which has formed part of his personal recipe book for 10 years now; a super creamy, vegan Hazelnut Tart; the Banana crust, with 70% dark chocolate, and the Venus cake, which boasts mango, strawberry, rose and coconut.

All of these delights form a part of the Santacreu pastry collection and have been developed following the B·Concept recipe creation method.

Jordi Bordas pastry buffet in MasterChef

While the judges enjoyed the feast, the participants were faced with a difficult task: recreate a chocolate teacup with 6 different textures. Of course, this original elaboration could not be left out of the newest collection of the family business, which is why Jordi has launched his own version of the recipe, named the Capuccino. It consists of a dark chocolate teacup, whose interior is filled with an air and a pear compote, a semiliquid caramel, cocoa sponge cake, and coffee crunchy. What’s more, it is elaborated with ingredients free of gluten and lactose, so the whole world can enjoy it.

If you still haven’t seen this episode of MasterChef, here’s a snippet:

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