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Meet the Chef with Ioana Romanescu

Our second presentation of Meet the Chef is done from Bucharest, Rumania. Ioana Romanescu, a student of our Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course , is a pastry chef, teacher, and the founder of Cupcake Philosophy, a creative and inspiring project.

With a strong aesthetics sense, and a high quality standard reflected in her elaborations, she has received various prizes as the recent "Rumania’s Best Pastry Chef" of 2022. . Ioana has participated as a judge in TV shows, as a panelist at hospitality industry events, and as a teacher in several workshops and educational talks for pastry chefs and children that inspire her to create new products.

After living for a few years in Canada, where she got inspired by a small pastry shop, Ioana decided to become a  pastry chef as she founded Cupcake Philosophy. She left her job to follow her passion; making pastry creations that touch people’s senses and emotions while celebrating the most special occasions, from weddings to educational events.

For Ioana, a product’s first impression is key. Therefore, she gets inspired by architecture and nature, highlighting textures and flower shades. Undoubtedly, the way we present a product defines who we are as pastry chefs and as individuals, and Ioana takes care of every single detail to communicate her personality in her elaborations. 

Elaboration formulated with the B·Concept method
Elaboration formulated with the B·Concept method

Her pastry practice is responsible with the environment as she uses high quality ingredients with which she makes  her low in fat and low in sugar pastry products. Something that we love about her is that she creates pastry products that align with each season. She uses seasonal fruits to benefit from their taste, purity, and color. 

And… which is the ingredient that must be included in every Cupcake Philosophy elaboration? – Definitely, The heart!💛

"People tell me that when I talk about my work, my face brightens up. I think that if I had not have that passion to start from zero, to work hard, to learn and be creative, I wouldn’t be here – even giving this interview. I strongly believe that, in our pastry work, if your heart isn’t there, you can’t succeed" , Ioana assures.

The Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course  meant a revelation for her, to be able to understand «the science» behind each pastry recipe. Ioana applied this knowledge to the recipes she had been following, by transforming them into healthier, lighter and tastier recipes.  The B·concept method also gave her the tools she needed to design her own products from scratch, without the fear of making mistakes as she was able to know exactly how to solve any problem that she might face during the recipe formulation process.

Elaborations formulated with the B·Concept method

Learning about pastry techniques helped her control the ingredients used and the textures created in each of her recipes. Thus, she has been able to create pastry products as spectacular as these ones. Certainly, she has been able to show her own pastry style  and we are beyond amazed with the results. Ioana is currently working on a new pastry product collection that we will soon be able to enjoy.

"I recommend the course for the passion of Jordi’s team, for the clarity they brought with the course and how easy the course made it for us to develop our own creative work". Ioana Romanescu.

The B·Concept method has been «life changing» for her, and we are more than happy and proud about it. We hope this Meet the Chef presentation has awaken your desire to learn and to create. Certainly, “the sky is the limit”, and with hard work everything can be achieved. 💚

We want to thank Ioana Romanescu for participating in our new initiative and we wish her the best of lucks. Please visit her webpage and her Instagram profile to know more about this talented pastry chef!

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