Pastry courses 2022/23

How is the beginning of Autumn coming along? 🍁 The beginning of a new season usually brings an air of new beginnings and maybe even
 new experiences? If you are looking for a challenge that motivates you to learn something new, today we present you with the new pastry courses that we have launched this season so that you have the best options to choose from.

As of today, we offer both Online courses and On-site courses. Which modality do you like better? đŸ€” Once you decide, you just have to choose the course that best suits your needs and that helps you achieve your learning goals!

Healthier Petits GĂąteaux Course

In this pastry course you will learn to make a collection of 6 healthier, lighter, and tastier petits gùteaux, that adapt to new consumer demands. A course with step-by-step instructions so that you do not miss a single detail. 

Introductory Course to the B·Concept method

In this online course you will learn the keys to our vision of a healthier, lighter, and tastier pastry. This is a theoretical and practical course that will become a starting point to understand the fundamentals of the B·Concept recipe formulation method.

Introductory Course to Healthier Pastry

Recipes made with ingredients that respect and support our health. Dive into a healthier pastry and learn about ingredients with a good nutritional profile, recipes suitable for the most common intolerances and modern and tasty elaborations.

Introductory course to recipe formulation with the B·Concept method

Learn how to formulate recipes such as mousses, creamies and compotes; recipes balanced in terms of fat and sugar content, recipes that can undergo a freeze and thaw process; and how to design a unique collection of pastry creations.

We hope this summary helps you identify the path you want to follow.  

Also, as you might know, the new edition of the Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course  began on October 10th, but the registration is till open until October 30th. 

We hope you found answers to your questions in this article. If you still have doubts, you may contact us by email info@jordibordas.com or phone +34 93 611 20 70. We will be glad to guide you choose the course that best suits your needs and preferences! đŸ€—

New online pastry courses