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Meet the Chef with Maurici Cot

Welcome to Meet The Chef! Our new section in which you will discover amazing projects that bet on a different pastry perspective.

Maurici Cot, a student of the Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course, is the founder of a wonderful gluten-free and lactose-free bakery in Llinars del Vallès, Barcelona.

After training for seven years in various prestigious cooking and pastry schools and having worked in different pastry shops, hotels and restaurants, he has won several awards such as the Agri-Food Technological Innovation, the Fava d'or for the Best Pastry Shop adapted for people with food intolerances and allergies, Best Young Innovative Food Artisan or the Fava de Cacau for the 50 Best Pastry Shops in Catalonia on two occasions.

Conscious of how difficult it is to find a high quality and handmade gluten and lactose free product, Maurici promotes people’s wellness and adapts to his clients’ needs. In his pastry shop he elaborates pastry products made with rice flour, corn flour, potato starch, soy flower, and buckwheat flour.

Maurici in his pastry shop
Maurici Cot

They also elaborate petits gâteaux (brownies, Massini and Sacher cakes) for hotels, caterings, or events. Their entremets and viennoiseries contain tasty preparations such as mousses, creamies, glazes. He loves working with different textures and flavors!

"Life evolves, everything evolves, gastronomy and pastry also evolve. And even when it’s a bit more difficult for pastry to go forward, we could say that it is positively progressing. I believe that continuous training is highly necessary for us chefs to reach more clients and not to stay behind in time", he says.

His success isn't arbitrary. Maurici has invested hours and hours of hard work, enthusiasm, and continuous training. We are proud to support his professional path as he is a student of our Jordi Bordas Pastry School.

His project began as a family business, and as he has evolved, a remarkable team of women has joined him in his path. Women that are also students and that want to keep learning all about pastry.

The Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course  has taught him to work from scratch with healthier and lighter products, and the B·Concept method has given him tools to be able to design and elaborate his own pastry creations.

We will not reveal any more details! We want you to enjoy this beautiful coverage that Ramón Pampín has recorded! In this video, Maurici explains how he managed to fulfill his dreams and goals… an inspiring story that makes us proud!

We want to thank Maurici Cot for his participation in this new initiative and wish him the best! 

We hope you enjoy this first edition of Meet The Chef! 🎥

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