Our participation at SIRHA 2023 (Lyon)

If you are a professional in the food sector, surely you have heard of the International Hotel Catering & Food Trade Exhibition (SIRHA) during which one of the most prestigious pastry competitions is held, La Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie.

Last weekend we traveled to Lyon to attend the fair and participate in different demonstrations for the brands we work with, such as Sosa and Ravifruit. It is a highly anticipated meeting for all Food Service, catering and food professionals.

During the first day, at the Ravifruit stand we talked about the present and future of pastry and how the B·Concept method can help us adapt to new challenges and customer needs. 🌿Here you can see it!

In addition, we explained in detail the recipe that we prepared for the occasion, Yuzu and almond tartlet. 🍋 (gluten and lactose free). We made a meringue high in fiber and low in sugar content, very stable and 100% freezable. We used Ravifruit's Yuzu puree, which is made from yuzu fruits from Kochi prefecture in Japan and has an amazing aroma. 🤤

Later that day, Valrhona chocolate brand and , in particular, Frédéric Bau, invited us to their stand to participate in a meeting on "Gourmandise Raissonée". We talked about the common points in our vision of pastry, as we both believe in a pastry that is more conscious, responsible, and inclusive. 💚 How important it is to talk about the chef’s role and responsibility in the face of all the changes we are currently living!

Frédéric Bau and Jordi Bordas
Yuzu and almond tartlet

During the second and third day, we had the chance to finally present a project we’ve been working on for a long time!

Together with Oscar Albiñana, we presented a practical manual on fibers in pastry developed as part of a joint project Sosa Ingredients.

We explained what is so special about fibers in pastry and what is the new range of fibers in SOSA catalogue. To do this, we prepared several recipes that best showcase our research work on fibers. First of all, the 64% chocolate, coffee and pecan cake, gluten and lactose free. We used flax fiber (Flaxfiber) from Sosa in the creamy for its incredible emulsifying and thickening properties.

Next, we presented Almond, apricot and vanilla entremets. Thanks to the chicory root fiber (Oligofruct) we significantly reduced the amount of sugar in the recipe, thus enhancing the flavor of the main ingredient: almond.

Finally, a pistachio, coconut and blackcurrant tartlet. 100 % vegan! 🌱 With a combination of different texturizers we achieved a perfectly stable and delicious vegan recipe with an incredibly airy and fluffy mousse. 

Jordi Bordas
Fibers User Manual
Vegan tartlet

We are very happy to have been able to meet both chefs and friends from the pastry sector, as well as our students, all of whom we shared very special moments with during these past days. 💚

If you want to learn more about fibers in pastry, enroll in our Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course. In order to understand how a recipe works, it is essential to first understand the molecular composition of the ingredients we are using. Join us in the virtual classroom!

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