Golden Peanut 3D mould: Faithful to the ‘create from scratch’ philosophy

Do you know the feeling when you got an idea into your head and can’t get it out? Well, that happened to us with the Golden Peanut. We had been going around the idea of making a product whose main flavour was peanut and it occurred to us that, what a better way to finish it than with its own shape!

Since we didn’t find any mould that suited our needs, we realized that we’d have to make it ourselves, being faithful to our philosophy of creating things from scratch, which, as you see, we don’t apply only to recipes. You may already know the saying:  "if you can dream it, you can do it".

Once the decision was made, we began to investigate. Our friend Dinara Kasko enlightened us with her way of making moulds through 3D technology and finally, we made up our mind and we got in touch with BCN3D Technologies, one of the 3D printers main manufacturers that is also based in Barcelona.

They were happy to collaborate with us and immediately proposed a solution to our needs: to print the peanut with PLA material on a scale  that’d allow us to create the perfect mould for our petit gâteau.

So, we got down to work and in a very short time we managed to create the perfect mould for the occasion from nothing. The BCN3D team chose the Sigma desktop 3D printer that enabled us to print our 3D peanut in high resolution and in great detail in an easy and efficient way. Once the prototype of the Golden Peanut was made, it was enough to create an external structure with the same material to be able to pour inside the  liquid silicone that, once hardened, would become our mould.

Here you have the time-lapse so you can see the whole process, from printing to the finished product. What do you think? Do you have a go on making your own moulds?

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