3D pastry: breaking the mould of convention

Last February we were delighted to receive a call from our friends at Sirha: they invited us to give a talk on 3D printing and pastry making at the fair. So, off we went to talk about 3D pastry and the project we have been developing together with Dinara Kasko during the last year. We took advantage of that talk as an excuse to tell you a little more about it here, since the production of molds with customized designs is booming and we are sure you will find it interesting.

Dinara and Jordi met personally during a Pastry Course according to the B·Concept method taught in Ukraine in 2017, but their molds had us in love since long before. After their meeting, and after several passionate conversations about design and recipe development, they decided to combine their strengths and start a project together.The result? Two fantastic entremets that we will elaborate in the courses of B·Concept: Ferro and Macadamia.


The name ‘Ferro’ might have already given you some clue. Its design is inspired by the mounds formed on the surface of a ferromagnetic fluid when exposed to a magnetic force, a curious effect that gives this entremet an organic and attractive appearance.

Once we were clear about the shape, we wanted to develop a 100% vegan recipe. Quite a challenge given that, to date, we had not made any completely vegan dessert. But, faithful to the B·Concept and to the study of the needs, we analyzed the flavors and the characteristics of the ingredients we had in mind and developed each of the textures.


Following Dinara's interest on repetition patterns that can be found in nature, we designed the ‘Macadamia’ entremet, inspired by minerals or stony materials. Does not it recall of a mountain rocky slope?

As for flavours, pairing milk chocolate with Macadamia nut seemed the perfect combination. In addition, we chose Felchlin's Maracaibo Criolait 38% milk couverture, because of its honey and caramel notes, a couverture made of cocoa from the South Lake region in Venezuela. The outcome was a striking shape with inner layers of smooth and creamy flavours.

As you can see, in both entremets we focused on shapes and interiors, leaving aside decorations since, both Dinara and Jordi, are great believers in the philosophy ‘Less is more’ when working with finishes.

To finish, you may have noticed that, in both cases, the workflow was in the same direction: first the shape and then the inside. Just a coincidence! Actually, 3D pastry works both ways. Sometimes we think about the shape first and we look for what interiors are the most suitable for it, as are these cases. In others, inspiration flows in reverse, we have a very defined taste and we look for the perfect shape. This last is our Golden Peanut's situation, but we tell you all about it in this other post: 3D Golden Peanut Mould: Faithful to the philosophy of creating from scratch.

As well, we wanted to make the most of this post by sharing the full interview on Sirha TV; just in case you would like to expand the information and see how we paint the Macadamia live. We also talked a little about the B·Concept, our courses at the school and went into details in some of the recipes such as the velvet effect chocolate paint or the water-based chocolate mousse. Welcome to the 3D pastry!

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