Meeting with French and Belgian haute pâtisserie chefs

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of enjoying a unique experience with this wonderful group of French and Belgian haute pastry chefs 👨🏼‍🍳. For two days, we held a meeting at our school to share our experiences and knowledge in the sector.

From our side, we explained and shared details on the fundamentals of the B·Concept method, the recipe formulation process, the properties and use of texturizing agents, and the new ingredients that can help us create stable recipes that are healthier, lighter and tastier at the same time. Does it ring a bell? 😏

We also tasted creamy, gelled, and foamy textures, adjusting different parameters to be able to formulate lighter water-based recipes 💧, recipes with no fat content 🧈, and even vegan recipes. We even had the opportunity to create a recipe from scratch and analyze case studies like our Peach petit gâteau 🍑, an elaboration that is part of our Healthier Petits Gâteaux Course.

Last, we prepared a buffet and tried several petits gâteaux, entremets and cakes with different flavors of fruits, nuts, and chocolate. Among them, we find the Banoffee, Acidic Vibes, Mango Cheesecake, Pecan and Cocoa Cake, Macadamia… Without a doubt, their favorites were the ChocoCoco, the Tropical and the Mango Cheesecake.

We also prepared our version of the classic French Bourdaloue cake; we made it vegan and gluten free 🌾. Thus, during these days, these chefs had the opportunity to learn a little more about our philosophy.

Thanks to Alain Chartier, Emmanuel Ryion, Michel Willaume, Arnaud Larher, Yann Brys, Marc Ducobu, Jean-Philippe Darcis, Pierre Mirgalet and Yann Duytsche for joining us. 🤗

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If you prefer the on-site modality, we have already opened the registration for the the Introductory course to recipe formulation with the B·Concept method.There are different dates available for 2023, both in Spanish, English and French. You can download the training program of the course in French here.

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