Science behind pastry, a world to be explored

Have you heard of molecular pastry? 🧬 For sure, since molecular pastry ranges from classic and traditional pastry to the most modern and sophisticated. You see, the textures that we find in the elaborations (mousses, creamy, gelified, biscuits...) are built thanks to the bonds formed by the molecules of the ingredients. 

As you can see, at the Jordi Bordas Pastry School we understand the sweet world as an art, but also as a science as precise as chemistry itself. For this reason, we created the B·Concept method, a way of understanding pastry based on the molecular composition of the ingredients.

In the Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course, we deal with the knowledge of molecules and the mastery of recipe formulation.

In the masterclass that we will hold on May 4th, we will talk about the basic food molecules; such as water, lipids, proteins or carbohydrates; their properties and how they intervene in pastry recipes.

Molecules in pastry

During the seminar, we will answer questions that you had asked us about the different molecules in pastry. Some of them were:

  • What molecules are present in our bakery ingredients?
  • Why does the acid help the egg proteins to denature?
  • What happens if you substitute butter for olive oil?
  • What are lipids and what role do they play in pastry recipes?
  • What is the emulsification technique about?

In addition to answering these questions, during the masterclass we will analyze the structure of a flan by comparing a traditional recipe with a vegan one formulated using the B·Concept method. 

Did you want to see it? Don't worry! We leave you below the complete masterclass in Spanish so you can put into practice everything you have learned.

Learn and train yourself with this extended online course! Discover unpublished content and all the secrets of the B·Concept method!

See you soon!

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