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We celebrate Sant Jordi 2022 with our book and Sol de Amor

Happy Saint George’s Day! 🌹 🐉 Last Saturday, April 23rd, we celebrated the most romantic and special day of the year, in which books and roses were, once again, the protagonists of this holiday.

After a long time without being able to enjoy it, this year we were thrilled to celebrate it and to meet all of those who shared with us and came to visit. It was a dream!

First thing in the morning, Jordi dedicated and signed our book "Healthier, lighter and tastier pastry" at Viladecans. Next, he visited Barcelona, ​​where we also met fans from all around the world. It was super exciting!

Jordi signing his pastry book
Jordi Bordas Team
"Healthier, lighter and tastier pastry" book

We keep adding experiences with our recipe book, it’s incredible! We hope we inspired you with our vision of this sweet universe. Also, we’re working on the English version, surprise!!! We know many people are waiting for it and we couldn’t be more excited.

And how could we forget chocolate? We thought that for a rose to be perfect, it had to be edible. So we created this elaboration designed for Sant Jordi's Day and that, without a doubt, was very much liked. Our Sol de Amor! 🌞

It’s a large, round bonbon, made of dark chocolate with crunchy cocoa nibs, a smooth raspberry gelée, and a subtle touch of natural rose that gives it a unique aroma. A perfect gift that is still on sale while in stock. 🤤

Sant Jordi’s Sol de Amor
Sol de Amor tasting

We adapted ourselves to the rainy spring day, and our desire to have a great time gave us the strength to give you our best! We truly enjoyed this special holiday!  

We want to thank the entire Jordi Bordas team, and Marina Jarque, Pau Amoretti and Teresa Carretero for their help during this beautiful day 🤩. Special thanks to Ramón for capturing the essence of this day with his camera.

We loved experiencing Sant Jordi surrounded by books and Suns; two perfect gifts to give to your favorite one… for Mother’s Day, a birthday celebration or any special occasion! 💗

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