Tips to give your pastry display that WOW-factor

The magic of textures, colors and shapes makes for the most spectacular display cases in the world. 💗 For this reason, today we’re sharing all the best tips to achieve the display of your dreams. 🌟

In our Healthier Petits Gâteaux Course we revive the fantasy of walking by the displays of Paris or Tokyo, creating and presenting our own collection of petits gâteaux. We’ve designed these elaborations considering the following factors explained below:

A display should draw in attention, and visually attract the client. Both the decorative elements as well as the petits gâteaux themselves need a very creative, attractive visual aspect. You want them to look completely irresistible... 🤤 

Varied colors, flavors, shapes, and designs! Contrasts play a very important role, meaning it is preferable to avoid using the same color palette and instead intersperse products decorated with different ingredients like chocolate, fruit, and meringue.

Using spectacular colors is a safe bet, like Philippe Rigolot’s, Mr Smith tartlet, embodying what many understand as French savoir faire. You can also play it safe by adhering to the “less is more” trend and exercise an indisputable elegance in each elaboration, as is the case for many Japanese pastry chefs; take the displays of Sadaharu Aoki, for example.

To gain that WOW factor 😮 we also need to consider the alimentary needs of our clients. Going into a pastry shop with an exceptional display only to find it lacking vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, diabetic-friendly options is a negative strike and not very in-tune with today’s trends.

Another factor we cannot forget is the time of year. Our displays should be synchronized with the change of seasons. Winter may call for products with more chocolate, whereas summer may urge us to provide fresher, lighter elaborations. These changes always bring us new things, meaning you have more opportunities to surprise your clients. 🌞

Of course, a pastry display case could not be without its best seller, the chef’s crown jewels. That elaboration which has stolen the show and is easily identifiable, such as Jordi’s Mandarina. Once you fall in love, you always come back for more.

Finally, we recommend always having (at least) one classic product such as cheesecake, lemon tart, tiramisu or sacher tart, even if in a revisited form. Flavors are atemporal, and there will always be people who ask about them. You’ll also gain in the visual aspect if you change its classic appearance to a more modern design. 

The recipes in our Healthier Petits Gâteaux Course incorporate ingredients rich in nutrients, and we’ve also reduced the amount of sugar and saturated fats. As well as this, all the elaborations are gluten-free and two of them are lactose-free.

In terms of flavor, we’ve worked with flavor pairings with fruit, nuts such as peanuts and almonds, dairy, cacao, and super aromatic ingredients like coffee or vanilla. This way, we were able to create a collection of healthier, lighter and tastier petits gâteaux that you can find in this incredible online training.

Thanks for reading - we hope these tips help you!

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