We are working towards lighter and healthier pastry


Nowadays, more and more people are being conscious about what they eat. We are not referring to diets to lose weight or to count calories. There is more awareness of knowing what we eat and why we eat. According to this article in La Vanguardia newspaper, eating well is trend. If this is the case, we expect it to be a fad that is here to stay.

We have long questioned all our recipes with different parameters which are essential to enjoy patisserie in our point of view. Do you need to add more sugar? Is it necessary to use as much fat? How can we replace these elements without losing texture or flavour?

Through these concerns we began to design recipes from scratch, making lighter elaborations, with lots of texture and flavours that pack a punch. We named this method  B·Concept: an alternative to mainstream patisserie, which is based on traditional recipes. The taste of these products enhances the main ingredients: hazelnut mousses which taste of hazelnut, mandarin cream that tastes of mandarin and chocolate mousses that taste of chocolate. Simply clean and unmistakeable. The final result? Patisserie which is easier to digest, lighter, which makes you want to have a bit more!

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