Recipes/Webinars Masterclass Pastry Jordi Bordas and Andrea Dopico

Citrus crown. A recipe by Andrea Dopico and Jordi Bordas.

On November 16, we had the pleasure of offering a live online demonstration of Ravifruit with Andrea Dopico from the Center for Bakery Innovation, always a delight to work with them! What can we say about Andrea, with whom we already had in Sweet Home Talks. Besides being a great chef and founder of AndINC (the first 100% digital Spanish pastry shop), she is a wonderful person with whom creativity and good vibes never stop flowing.

During the demonstration, we made a tart and a dessert on a plate, made up of the same recipes, but with different applications and finishes. In both, Ravifruit 's new citrus purees were the protagonists: bergamot and calamansi. Maybe this is the first time you hear about these two fruits, so we encourage you to do some research as they are two very interesting flavors to incorporate into your preparations. In the case of Ravifruit purees, bergamots come from Italy and have notes of bitter orange and intense lime. For their part, calamansi come from Vietnam and bring a refreshing and smooth flavor that we could associate with tangerine. Interesting, isn't it?

If you missed this pastry master class or want to watch it again, don't worry. At the end of this post you will find both the video of the demonstration and the link to download the pastry recipe booklet created by Jordi and Andrea especially for the occasion. A pity that through the screen there was no tasting, we can attest that the Citrus Crown was spectacular.

Citrus Crown; cake version
Citrus Corona; dessert to plate version

Still, the truth is that we are getting the hang of recording from our new recording studio, where we have already filmed the Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course and our B·Concept Pastry Answers, a series of free pastry masterclasses in which we try to answer some of the big questions in the industry, always from a B·Concept point of view. So far, we have already completed three of what we hope to be a long cycle of free webinars: "Why my cake loses water during defrosting", "How to make low-fat, but creamy and appetizing pastries" and "How to make a perfect chocolate mousse". We look forward to seeing you in the next webinars and in our online pastry courses.

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