Philosophy Pastry Innovation Center | Jordi Bordas

Research, development and innovation in the new Pastry Innovation Center

The pastry innovation B·Concept method did not come out of nowhere. Not at all! To conceive it, we needed years of reflection, a whole team of professionals and many, many hours of research.

Until now, the place where magic happened, where alchemy and art came together resulting in something wonderful, had been the “Aula” Jordi Bordas and the office located in Santacreu’s underground, but knowledge does definitely take place. As our research and our projects have expanded, so have our space and our team.

That is why, a couple of years ago we decided to start building new facilities in which to unleash our inexhaustible curiosity.

From the beginning, we fantasized about having a place to investigate new concepts and experiment with ingredients and textures. In 2020 we can already say that it has become a reality by inaugurating our "Pastry Innovation Center", a space where we constantly try to improve together with our R&D&i team and where the B·Concept method can develop in all its glory, as it allows us materialize all the ideas we have in mind.

We would have liked to have a great party, invite you all, toast and celebrate in a big way. Unfortunately, we could not because of this year circumstances, a difficult year for everyone, but it remains pending! 

Since you will not be able to see it physically for the moment, we show it to you in images and we take the opportunity to make a very special mention to all the people and brands that have made this extraordinary place possible. We it is as exciting for you as it is for us.

Elvira Guardia, our architect and interior designer, who captured Jordi Bordas’ essence from the start and transformed it into a beautiful, functional place adapted to our needs.


Ceràmica Ferrès, who has carefully handcrafted the ceramic lattices that we have used for the wall and table of the recording studio. Bringing a Mediterranean touch to the space architecture. 

Agma, our stainless-steel professional furniture supplier. Working with them has been a delight, as they perfectly understood our way of working and custom designed a large part of the pieces that now occupy our center. 

Neolith, the company behind the fantastic top side of our work table. A resistant, elegant material with personality. 


Fernando, Ferran and Óscar, the three musketeers who have carried out the job with hammer, brush and patience. 

Pedro, from Cerrajería Jiménez S.L., who has brought iron strength and resistance to the place. Adapting at all times and making all our sketches come true.


Ángel Pérez, from Solvit, for his great help in making the electrical installations work perfectly. 

Esteban, from Hnos. Esteban, supplier of all the glassware that has filled our innovation center with light and well-being. 

Mad Rotulación, who put the icing on the cake by labeling all the windows, both in the new center and in the school. Great professionals and, moreover, our neighbors!


Franc, from Citrus & Life, for growing those wonderful Yuzu trees that have brought life and perfume to our day-to-day. 


Kenwood, our kitchen robots’ supplier and official partner of the School. Their highest quality machines make our project keep on growing and evolving in an agile way. 


Silikomart and Jarpega, suppliers of premium molds, rings and tools with which to create and prepare our cakes and carry out new research work. 

Ravifruit, Felchlin, Sosa and Elle&Vire, for always being by our side in each new adventure, and for filling our cabinets and refrigerators with the best gastronomic ingredients. 

Without the support of all of them, especially in this last and difficult year, our Pastry Innovation Center would not have been possible.

Thank you!

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