Ice cream parlors

Essential artisan ice cream parlors in Barcelona

Cup or cone? The only important decision you’ll make today! 😝 Below, you’ll discover our best partners for the summertime: artisan ice-cream parlors that give us that long-awaited treat after a tiring day of studying, working, or soaking up the sun at the beach.

In line with our values and tastes, we have selected those that, in addition to making handmade ice cream, do so with natural and fresh ingredients. 🍨


The creaminess of DelaCrem 's ice-cream is one of its most symbolic qualities. They are Italian, after all!

They keep their artisan ice-cream at -12 and -15ºC in their "pozzettis" to keep them as creamy as possible before you take the first spoonful. This is how they create their wheel of flavors with classic and seasonal options. As we’re big fans of fresh fruit, we highly value such a tasty, locally-sourced product.

If you’re both a cake and an ice-cream lover and you find it hard to choose, you’re in luck! You’ll often find ice-cream flavors like Lemon Pie, Ginger Bread, Tiramisu, and even panellets flavor, amongst many others. They simply let their imagination fly, always creating new flavors.

Their space is small and welcoming, where you can discover artisanal pastry and affogato, a type of ice-cream which is drowned in coffee, popularized by Massimo. 

Enjoy their ice-cream on their terrace, crem de la crem! Better words were never spoken. 🍦

Location: C/ d'Enric Granados, 15 and Pg. de St. Joan, 59 (Barcelona).

Parallelo Gelato

Parallelo is no ordinary ice-cream parlor! It is a place where magic is born. Here, you’ll find both sweet and salty flavors, and interesting combinations that you’d never have imagined. Super surprising!

The ingredients used are locally-sourced and in season, which means the flavors can change very frequently, since they make the most of fruits and vegetables while they’re in their prime.

For example: to make their goat’s cheese and roasted red pepper marmalade ice-cream, they collaborate with Fromagerie Can Luc, and for their dark chocolate sorbet, they use LOT Roasters' “bean to bar” chocolate from Peru.

If you’d like to try ice-cream in all its shapes and sizes, in Parallelo you’ll find gelato, sorbets, granitas, ice-cream bars, ice-pops, and a few bakery products elaborated by them, too.

Enjoy the authentically Italian artisan ice-creams of Parallelo.💛

Location: C/ de Sèneca, 18 (Barcelona)


As soon as you walk into a Rocambolesc ice-cream parlor, you are transported into a world of fantasy, a factory of dreams where you can design your own ice-cream.

How, you ask? Select your favorite toppings from over 20 options. The ice-creams thought up by Jordi Roca and Ale Rivas have taken on their very own personality and identity. As of today, they find inspiration not only in Jordi Roca’s desserts, but also in abstract concepts like a journey, a scent, or even a memory... until they eventually become ice-cream. 

Without a doubt, our favorite product of all is their Panet, a warm brioche to which you can add whatever ice-cream you desire, like a sandwich. An exquisite contrast of hot and cold!

If the summer nights at home get too long for you, make sure you always keep a tub of Rocambolesc ice-cream in your freezer. They’re huge and perfect to take away!

If, on the other hand, you’re more of an ice-pop person, they offer various options like their classic “Helado Oscuro” (a play on words meaning “the dark side”) and “Rocanas”, one inspired by Star Wars and the other by Jordi’s very own nose! 

The creativity at Rocambolesc really is limitless. 🌈

Location: La Rambla, 51, 59 (Barcelona)

Ice-cream is not just a dessert, it’s an experience. That’s why we really appreciate every one of these establishments.

But of course, if you have any other ice-cream recommendations that you think we simply cannot miss out on, we’d love to try them!

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