The 5 Best Bakeries in Barcelona

We all know how important bread is, both in day-to-day life as well as for special occasions. Personally, we consider it an indispensable element for all meals.

Is it difficult to find “good bread” though? By “good”, we mean full of flavor, made with the freshest ingredients, allowed a natural fermentation, and above all, made with love.

For this very reason, we’ve selected five of our favorite bakeries in Barcelona. You’re going to start feeling a little hungry—just a warning. 

Origo Bakery

Bread, a staple food today and ever since ancient times, was the starting point of the entire project known as Origo—the biggest influencer of the season! 🥖

Located in the Gracia neighborhood, Origo offers bread elaborated with a variety of stone-ground traditional grains, sourdough, and long fermentation process. 🍞 They’re nutritionally exceptional and completely ecological!

That’s not all. If you’re looking for the perfect breakfast, you’ll also find sensationally sweet pastries, specialty coffee ☕, and even ecological, non-processed wines sourced from local viticulturists.

Without a doubt, what has us head-over-heals with this bakery is its warm and simplistic environment, where you’ll truly feel that artisanal craftmanship. One focaccia and cinnamon twist to go, please! 👨🏼‍🍳

Location: C/ Milà i Fontanals, 9 (Barcelona)


New bakery, fresh out of the oven! 😜 When we discovered La Consciente, it went straight on our “Best Bakeries in Barcelona” list. The bread and bagels are just a couple of options to choose from on display in this 100% gluten-free, ecological bakery.

The careful control of their dough is detectable from the very first bite, something you’ll find is demonstrated by their loaves of bread elaborated with sourdough and a long fermentation period, as well as their hamburger buns, pizzas and sandwiches. 🥯

Of course, their selection of sweet treats also leaves us mind-blown. Oven-baked pastries made with coconut sugar, raw vegan cakes , artisan granola made with no refined sugar...

If you were reading like this: 🤤, it’s time to go grab a delicious breakfast at La Consciente!

Location: C/ de Viladomat, 134 (Barcelona)

Creative Breads by Daniel Jordà

A laboratory of ideas (and bread) where Creative Breads emerge!

Daunting flavor-pairings, a search for new ingredients which are rarely or never used in bread-making, and the use of self-developed gourmet techniques in the elaboration process are all fundamental characteristics of Daniel Jordà's work.

In his bakery, you’ll find artisan bread elaborated with seasonal ingredients. He divides them into three distinct categories:

Gourmet bread (carrot and walnut bread, potato focaccia, cheese and rosemary bread, and so on), classic bread with a twist (hamburger and mustard bread, rustic farmhouse style bread, etc.) and world-inspired bread, like his Greek yoghurt and cucumber bread, the New York Babka, or the Argentinian “cremona”.

If you’re looking for tasty, creative ideas of the highest standard, this is the place for you! 🌈

Location: Plaça de Garrigó, 5 (Barcelona)


Muffins and coffee for breakfast, anyone? 😏 The Baluard bakeries have been tradition itself since 1982, as has their bread. At the forefront of them is Ana, the fourth generation of a family of bread-makers from Girona.

All of their dough is made one by one, baked in a wood-fired oven all day long. Have it on its own, on the side, toasted, traditional or wholemeal, with butter, oil or tomato. However you want it, Baluard’s bread is perfect for any occasion.

Both their sweet options such as muffins, croissants and ensaimadas) as well as their savory ones (like salads and sandwiches; normal and vegan) are unmissable.

Here’s to many more years of amazing bread!

Locations: C/ de Pau Claris, 188, Carrer de Marià Aguiló, 51, C/ de Provença, 279, C/ de València, 246, C/ de Muntaner, 363, C/ del Baluard, 38 y C/ de Casanova, 178 (Barcelona)

Pa de Kilo

Let’s get that dough! That’s how every day begins in Pa de Kilo, an artisanal bakery that aims to revive tradition while combining it with innovation, imagination and expert techniques in every elaboration.

If you’re one of those people that likes to pick up a fresh baguette and snack on it on the way home, whether in little bites or big chunks, you won’t have any left when you get home after trying this bread.

Pa de Kilo offers a huge range of specialty bread with a lot of personality, including one-kilo loaves (wholemeal and spelt versions available), baguettes, ciabattas, 65% or 100% rye, sandwich loaves, or olive and chili focaccias. Not to mention the classic rolls and cookies!

To hear that satisfying crunch of the rye bread, you’ll have to get one for yourself! For now, we’ll leave you a spoiler with these pictures.

Location: C/ del Doctor Dou, 12 (Barcelona)

You may be crazy for crumbs, crusts or the crisp end of a baguette, there’s one thing we all know for certain: every one of these bakeries is uniquely remarkable.

If you’re a bread lover, you may already know of many. Tell us, which others would you add to the list?

Long live bread!

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