Top 6: Healthy, Vegan or Plant-Based Restaurants in Barcelona

Who said that eating plant-based was boring? 🌱💚 You don't have to go far to find exquisite restaurant proposals that offer a healthy diet and proximity products.

In Barcelona, there are a multitude of options to choose from. We’re here to bring you our top 6!

This is a totally subjective list, based on our personal tastes and experiences, with 100% honesty. Take notes!

Teresa Carles

The 35 years of experience behind chef Teresa Carles kitchens show off her ever-present zeal for exploration and innovation within the “Healthy Restaurants” category.

With a very clear goal in mind, only the best products from her family's land in Algerri (Lleida) are used to create recipes as tasty as her grandmothers’ and their mothers’, only healthier and more natural. They share the same values as us, hence why we love them so much!

Today, they rely on over 140 professionals and an R+D+I team that strives every day to offer dishes as elaborate and delicious as their own. Oh, by the way—from Monday to Friday, they offer a midday menu which changes weekly.

They say that your eyes are bigger than your belly when it comes to food, and these pictures prove it! 🤭 If you’re looking to enjoy food and look after your body at the same time, this is the place for you.

Location: C/ Fovellanos, 2 (Barcelona)

Price: 25-35€/pp


Welcome to the fascinating world of sustainable, healthy, and tasty food! Flax & Kale is Barelona’s first healthy-flexitarian restaurant, and it also forms part of the Teresa Carles Healthy Foods group.

Every dish is designed not only with culinary pleasure in mind, but also its nutritional value. For that very reason, 80% of what they have to offer is plant-based, the remaining 20% being recipes which include oily fish.

For them—and for us too—the correlation between healthy food and a healthy body is very important. Without a doubt, Flax & Kale has very much become a trusted establishment you can turn to enjoy the little moments, or meet up with your friends to share their delicious dishes together.

Hamburgers, tacos, hummus, toast, salads… What are you craving today? 😏

Locations: C/ Tallers, 74b and Passatge Sant Pere Més Alt, 31-33 (Barcelona)

Price: 25-35€/pp

Xavier Pellicer

We’ve been closely following chef Xavier Pellicer for years. When he finally opened his first restaurant, we were over the moon! Alongside his wife Mercè Carbonell, they’ve opted for a restaurant which centers around biodynamics, with locally-sourced, healthy, ecological products.

Both share the belief that the hands of those who work with the earth transmit a positive energy to those who cook, and that those who cook pass it on to their consumers. This is their way of understanding and treating ingredients. All of this lies in accordance with the gastronomical concept they offer to their clients: Healthy Kitchen, a balance between the pleasure of ingestion and the wellbeing of digestion. Genius!

The restaurant itself is a welcoming, friendly space with a caring image, where you’ll feel comfortable and special. They have two tasting menus to choose from and, after having tried them ourselves, we can assure you they’re incredible.

Location: C/ Provença, 310 (Barcelona)

Price: 85-180€/pp

The Green Spot

As their motto "Veggie for veggies. Veggie for non veggies" , suggests, The Green Spot finds itself not only in our top 6, but also in the Best Vegetable Restaurants in Spain for its fifth consecutive year! 🍃

This restaurant opts for seasonal products to elaborate veggie dishes inspired by different parts of the world. 🌏 All of its consumers, whether vegetarian or not, can enjoy an array of tasty, healthy options. You simply can’t miss out on their activate carbon pizzas!

In terms of the space, we’re surprised to find a modern, minimalistic style perfect for all occasions. 🎋 It’s a must that we’re certain you’ll want to go back to!

Locations: Avinguda Diagonal, 593 and C/ de la Reina Cristina, 12 (Barcelona)

Price: 30-40€/pp


As soon as you walk through the door at Rasoterra, be prepared to open your mind and make sure your palate is ready for new culinary experiences. 🤤 This gastronomic bistro doesn’t discriminate; you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy the food here.

This bistro is held up by two fundamental pillars: vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and locally-sourced ingredients. What’s more, all of these ingredients are of extremely high quality. Amazing! 

And what about drinks? They’ve been offering wines with no added sulphites for years, sourced from small businesses—a way for them to address the territory of sustainable vegan eco-gastronomy. They also offer microfiltered tap water, cider from Valle d’Aran, and ecological, urban sodas. 🌱

There’s no doubt about it—an incredible and welcoming option amongst many in the Catalonian area.

Location: C/ del Palau, 5 (Barcelona)

Price: 25-35€/pp

Honest Greens

Healthy, delicious, fast and accessible food! At Honest Greens 🥬, they hand-pick their ingredients from small local vendors, always making sure they’re in season. They update their gastronomic proposal according to the seasons of the year.

To do this, they seek out culinary inspiration from all over the world and design innovative, healthy dishes that respect all types of dietary and economical needs.

The Honest Greens experience wouldn’t be the same without its warm and welcoming establishments, with handmade furniture and an environment that’s ideal for enjoying a lovely breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Choose what you want, build your market plate as you wish and give your exquisite combination a taste test. Great for sharing (or not)! 😏💚

Locations: C/ Pla de Palau, 11, Rambla de Catalunya, 3, C/ Tuset, 4 and Av. Diagonal, 208 (Barcelona).

Price: 20-25€/pp

Voilà! There you have it; our list of favorites, although there are many, many more fantastic options that we haven’t mentioned here. 

We’ll update this article regularly to make sure you never miss out on the best restaurants. We’d love for you to tell us all about your experience if you’ve visited any of them! 🍽

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