We are taking the Signature Fruit project to Asia!

Last August we traveled to Asia to present Signature Fruit, a joint project with Ravifruit and chefs Philippe Rigollot and David Wesmaël, which you may already know, but we would like to tell you more about it.

As you know, we have been collaborating with the brand for a long time and after almost two years of sharing ideas, reflection, research and exchange of opinions, in 2017 we presented the result: a recipe book that unites the world of fruit with pastry.

Introducing new techniques and with an approach that seeks a healthier pastry, which fits perfectly to our B·Concept method, we classified contents by application and taste, resulting in 9 different application types for each of the more than 50 purees flavours of the brand.

Given the great reception that the project had in Europe during the past year, the next logical step was to continue sharing it, so we went to present it in Asia, stopping in Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing.

For two weeks and touring the three cities, we conducted a total of six demonstration courses, in which we applied Signature Fruit recipes to our creations. But during the tour, we not only focused on fruit purees and their applications, but also, we introduced very important subjects for us as colouring-free glazes using fruit natural colours, vegan creamies or lactose-free mousses with balanced sweetness using only the 10% of sugar added in the purees.  We even presented elaborations also present at the Aula courses, like our Oval Entremet.

Following, you’ll find the more interesting points of each of the elaborations so you can take ideas and choose your favourite.



One of the newest products included in the 2018  B·Concept courses. Intense and balanced tasting that includes mango mousse, strawberry and lime creamy, strawberry compote and coconut crunchy.



Pure blueberry! We take advantage of the strong and natural colour of blueberry puree to give intensity to the dessert, both in colour and flavour, using it in the creamy, the compote and the colouring-free glaze.



Vegan raspberry creamy, vanilla sponge and lactose-free raspberry mousse, in which we can intensify the flavour of the fruit to the top, as if fresh from the field!



Chocolate, hazelnut and… yuzu! An explosive combination. This sphere is one of our classics and the intense citrus flavour hidden in its interior continues to surprise everyone as the first day.



Its innocent white appearance hides a few surprises inside. Tropical flavours of coconut, mango, passion fruit and banana are integrated with the intensity of peanut in different textures.

We devised all these recipes combining our B·Concept method and the indications that you can find in Signature Fruit recipe booklet, achieving healthier, lighter and tastier products. What do you think of them?

Finally, we want to specially thank Ravifruit and his distributors Phoon Huat (Singapore) and Sinodis (China) for welcoming us so well and making us feel at home, as well as giving us the opportunity to share this experience with you. Until next time!

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