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Meet the Chef with Lucila Canero

Lucila Canero, a student of our Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course, welcomes us to her pastry shop, so that we may introduce the third presentation of you favorite section: Meet the Chef. She is the pastry chef at La Luciérnaga, a gluten-free and 100 % plant-based pastry shop located in Castelldefels, Barcelona.

For her, the pandemic was a moment of reflection, and she felt that she needed to do something different, but above all, to have her own workspace to share with others the values that most define her and her ethics regarding pastry.

Lucila opted for a local commerce and of proximity, in her own town, which is very close to our school. Without a doubt, this project would not have been possible without the company and support of her husband, Gerardo, who works with her every day making a great team.

In harmony with their personal needs, they follow a sustainable model using slightly more expensive but higher quality ingredients and working on demand to avoid waste. We love that it is a gluten-free pastry shop with plant-based ingredients. Even though many customers do not have any food restrictions, they choose La Luciérnaga because this pastry shop is aligned with their values. Healthy and tasty, the perfect tandem!

Figs tartlet
La Luciérnaga

Her proposal is very simple; they started making cakes, granola and cookies  - options that are part of a family’s daily life, to enjoy for breakfast or snack, and hence the importance of this being healthy products, made with high quality ingredients and that have been carefully produced. Later, they included cakes and entremets for special celebrations.

The Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course has been a unique and valuable experience for Lucila. And, above all, our course meant for her a new way of thinking, a method to follow in order to create what she likes the most: pastry. Since the very beginning of the course, she was enthusiastic about the content, the idea of studying physics or chemistry again, and coming to understand everything that she would later practice both in the course and in his professional life. As she herself explains, even when it was not easy, she enjoyed it and lived it in the best way possible with the help of our team.

Coconut Cheesecake
Lucila Canero

"For me, training is key when performing a practice. It is all about improving, understanding an ingredient from a scientific point of view, it means being in tune with what is happening outside your pastry workshop", says Lucila.

Currently, she compares her own recipes considering the different parameters of the B·Concept method, analyzing which is the dry extract of a mousse or the fat content of a creamy. Without a doubt, what the course has given her the most is security when creating her own elaborations and detailed knowledge regarding the ingredients with which she works daily.

Like her, we are proud to be able to show you our own path, and we hope you enjoy this video recorded by Ramón Pampín, in which Lucila explains her experience in the healthier pastry sector. 💚

We are very grateful to Lucila and Gerardo for their participation in Meet the Chef and we wish them the best of luck with this unique project: La Luciérnaga. You learn details about their products on their website, place your order and choose what you like the most.

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