We present our Soles and Panettones collection at the Festivalet

Last weekend we presented our collection of Soles and Panettones at the Festivalet, a fair that brings together independent artisans and designers at national and international level.

We had been working on a product for the end customer for some time that was aligned with our core values:

馃崗 Nutritious, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.
馃憛 With an incredible flavor and texture.
馃尡 Adapted to the trends and the most common consumer needs (vegan and gluten-free).
鉁 Let it shine and make you shine.

That is why we decided to create our Soles, a collection of sweets that are well-being, energy and celebration, and their shape invites you to share them in triangles, like a cake! Ideal for this time of year, right?

In addition, they accompany you wherever you go, as they are at dawn, dusk or any season of the year, each with a different flavour:

馃崼 Amanecer. Dark chocolate, cocoa pralin茅, Maldon salt.
馃 Spring. Dark chocolate, peanut and cocoa pralin茅, vanilla.
馃ゥ Summer. Vegan white chocolate, mango creamya, coconut and lime crunchy.
馃崜 Autumn. Vegan white chocolate, strawberry and blackcurrant creamy.
馃崑 Winter. Vegan milk chocolate, hazelnut pralin茅, yuzu gel茅e.
馃崐 Sunset. Vegan milk chocolate, sesame pralin茅, mandarin jelly.

Along with the Soles collection, you could also purchase our range of chocolate and fruit Panettones and our book "Healthier, lighter and tastier pastry". We are very happy for the great reception that all the products have had and for all the messages we have received after tasting some of them!

It has been incredible to be able to meet all the people who follow and support us every day. Both adults and children tried and enjoyed our products as a family. As if that were not enough, those with a sweet tooth came on Saturday and were left wanting more, so they repeated the next day. Incredible!

Finally, we want to thank Festivalet for creating a meeting place for people who value artisan work so much. They were two very intense but rewarding days at the same time and we hope to be able to repeat it very soon. 馃

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