A week in Shanghai with Sosa Ingredients

Last October we enjoyed the opportunity to travel to China for the first time thanks to Sosa Ingredients and its distributor Sinodis. Before you ask, truth is that we were so busy we had little spare time to discover its streets and culture. Even though, it was a quite interesting and productive trip.

After two days of preparation in which we counted on a wonderful team, we offered two demonstrations with elaborations adapted to the country needs. Each time we travel, considering the peculiarities of our destination is a must,  both in relation to pastry trends and ingredients availability. Thus, the products we presented on this occasion were the new Blueberry Cheesecake petit gâteau and Fraisier entremets. Also, two that for sure you already know, Mont Fuji and Ghana cake.

Following two intense demonstrations for 150 people, we participated in a Chefs Table attended by some of the most renowned chefs in the city. It was held at the Napa restaurant where, in addition to enjoying a good meal, we were able to entertain the attendees with pre-dessert and dessert - Yuzu-Shiso-Almond and plated Fraisier.

We would like to highlight the first, devised by our team member Paula Domènech with the support of Rafa Delgado - current pastry chef at Cocina Hermanos Torres. A pre-dessert that surprised everyone by its freshness and originality, fully developed with the B·Concept method - lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Paula composed it with yuzu creamy and gelee, toasted almond ice cream, shiso pesto and tender almond micro-sponge cake, finished with salted toasted almonds and sisho sprouts. When asked why she chose this peculiar combination of flavours, she told us that all of them had been chosen thinking of Asia. Such a wise choice!

The best ending our trip could have had was to meet Chelsea Zhang - pastry chef of C'est Pâtisserie– who impressed us with her youth and talent. Only 24 years old and trained in France, she runs a very careful place with impeccable product. If you are ever in Shanghai, we definitely recommend you pay a visit. We have already done it and, with a little luck, next year we will welcome her in one of our Pastry courses according to the B·Concept method!!

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