We present our book “Healthier, lighter and tastier pastry”

Last Friday, November 26, we presented  our book "Healthier, lighter and tastier pastry" at BAU, the Barcelona University Design Center.

During the afternoon, we had the journalist Marta Cáceres, who conducted the interview with two very special guests: Dr Natalia Eres and the pastry chef Miquel Guarro, great professionals and prologues of the book, who chatted with Jordi Bordas on different topics.

Speech of our guests

We used to introduce ourselves talking about what we do, but this time it was different! Both the presenter and the guests showed a personal object with which they identify and talked about why they had chosen it. Each one more emotional!

The first protagonist of the afternoon was sugar, which opened a great debate about whether or not it is an essential ingredient in the world of pastry. The three guests  justified why excessive consumption of this sweet should be avoided from the field of pastry as well as from that of medicine.

As you already know, our greatest desire is to make recipes with ingredients that are beneficial to the body, minimizing those that have a negative impact on health, such as saturated fats.

The tote bag that we give away to all attendees

To better understand how our B·Concept method works, we talked about the possibilities of healthy pastry today and the importance of percentages . Definitely, understanding the function of the ingredients in the recipes we make is essential, since sometimes we go overboard with ingredients that can be substituted for others that are much healthier and that come from nature.

We all let our imaginations fly with the question; What is your favorite recipe?, and it was difficult for us to choose one of the many that we like in the book. Chocolate soufflé, sponge cake or hazelnut cream were the ones chosen by our guests. 🥮

Tasting preparations
Tasting preparations

With funny colored glasses, they talked about the future of pastry. Among other things, they highlighted the importance of working towards a healthier pastry, with ingredients that provide benefits and promote digestion. Today we find sweets suitable for all tastes, but not for all needs, something that we take into account in our B·Concept method, with which we develop vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free recipes. Sustainability 🌿 is the last aspect that was discussed, highlighting the importance of using local products.

Finally, all our guests collected a tasting of 4 delicious recipes from our book. They also had the opportunity to meet and chat for a while with our entire team.  We loved putting on a face!

Jordi's signing books
Our book "Healthier, lighter and tastier pastry".

This wonderful event would not have been possible without the support of Marina Jarque, who prepared an impeccable show that was applauded by all the attendees; Teresa Carretero (Joquer), who designed the scenery and decorated the space with all her love and know-how; Sergio Pons, who added a touch of humor and fun to the afternoon, and DJ Marian, who made us dance to the best songs. And of course, none of this would be a reality today without the entire Jordi Bordas team who is always at the foot of the canyon, giving everything with his best smile.

It has been our first book, the result of many efforts and years of experiences lived in this exciting world as the sweet universe is, so we are very excited by the welcome we received during the event, but, above all, every day.  💚

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