Cacao Bean, a tasty and refined celebration Events

With Cacao Bean we wanted to celebrate this important threshold in the history of Felchlin, which is the inauguration of a new educational and investigation centre – Condirama. It is a step into the future, but also a celebration of the present moment, in which learning and innovation are more valued than ever.

For this petit gâteau we have chosen the form of cacao bean since it is such an essential ingredient un pastry, a pure essence of the cacao fruit.

We believe that Felchlin is unique in its ability to preserve the soul of primary ingredients, but also in the aspect of always being faithful to the principles and values of the brand.

The flavours that make up this dessert are two of our favourite couvertures: Maracaibo Clasificado 65% that represents the excellence of Felchlin’s team and Costa Rica 70% that transports us to a precious farm in Costa Rica called “La Amistad” (friendship) where other amazing products, like Macadamia nuts and vanilla, are also produced. We find the name given to this land to be such a beautiful representation of the relationship that we have with Felchlin since many years.

We also wanted to give it a little personal touch with citrus and tropical flavours: mango, passion fruit and lime. These refreshing and vibrant flavours make this petit gâteau a tasty and refined treat.