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Nos gusta #fentlindi. En catalán significa “hacer el indio” que ya va un poco en nuestra línea y es que no hay mejor entorno de trabajo que el que te permite estar relajado, ser creativo y ¿por qué no? bromear cuando conviene. Esto es clave para innovar, bien lo saben...

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Easter at home Courses

Sharing with family and friends food that we have made ourselves is a real pleasure. For this reason, we set out to do this course in which we gave you all the recipes and tricks to create at home your own desserts and sweets, typical at this time of year....

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Maple syrup and cherry Sara cake Recipes

Tradition says the typical cake served at Easter should be the Sara. The Sara cake is made of sponge, buttercream and almonds which is the base to support the chocolate Easter eggs.  However, what are the origins of the Sara Cake? The cake is named in honour of the actress, Sara...

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Only Chocolate Courses

We are not discovering anything new if we announce that chocolate is a downfall for many of us. Why go on one of the chocolate courses at our school? On our chocolate courses you will be able to share moments, knowledge, experience and most importantly a healthy addiction to taste the...

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Turrón Moritz 17.14 by Jordibordas: the launch Events

Our most festive creation in 2015: the Moritz Born 17.14 turron made with biological chocolate, Elvessia 42% and the most fragrant beer by Moritz. It is flavoured with ginger honey, cardamom and bergamot. The launch was at the M-Store and was a great success. Thanks to all who participated. If...

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