Lune Croissanterie, croissants from the Moon

If travelling to Australia takes time, what would you think if we propose you to spend 3 hours waiting to eat a croissant. Would you wait for it? So, the people who have tried Lune Croissanterie's croissants don’t mind queues.

This croissanterie is the millionth demonstration of getting excellent results having done good things, using quality ingredients and with all the time and patience that every elaboration requires. They’re one of the bests croissants we have never tried. We will affirm it as loud as we can. Although it’s necessary going to Melbourne to taste them.

Its delicacies in a half-moon shape are original from the Reid brothers, who traveled to Paris to learn and getting especialized in one of the pastry emblems. From its jouney they got the essence of the croissant: rigour in the Ingredients and exactitude in the processes. The result? Daily queues and queues to have breakfast.

The graphic chronic is from Julien Alvarez!

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