Sweet “biquini” (gluten-free) Recipes

After the success achieved by our sweet “biquini”, created for Cuina magazine’s pastry section, we included the gluten free version in our pastry courses. Now that it has appeared in the front page of Què fem? of La Vanguardia newspaper, we have decided to post the recipe so you can do it at home!

Recipe for 3 14x14cm frames:

Amounts per piece

60+60 g Almond sponge
60 g de Strawberry compote
30+30 g Cream cheese mousse
Prepare a 1cm thick sheet of sponge, cool, cut out squares with a 14x14cm frame and freeze.
Cover the bottom of a 14x14cm frame with cling film.
Prepare the compote, pour into the frame and freeze. Remove the frame and keep in the freezer.
On a lined tray, place a sponge square at the bottom of a 14x14cm frame.
Prepare the mousse, pour 1/2 over the sponge and flatten. Insert the compote, pour the remaining mousse and flatten. Finish with another sponge square and freeze.
Once the bikini is frozen, remove the frame and cut out the edges. Cut in halves diagonally and serve.

Almond sponge

90 g Butter 82% Elle&Vire
207 g Egg yolks
74 g Honey
163 g Ground almonds Sosa
91 g Rice flour
44 g Corn starch
5.5 g Baking powder Sosa
250 g Egg whites
163 g Sugar
Heat the butter to 40ºC and the egg yolks to 20ºC.
Add the egg yolks to the butter, emulsifying with a hand blender. Incorporate the honey and ground almonds, working until getting a smooth mixture.
Sieve the rice flour, corn starch and baking powder together.
Whisk the egg whites and sugar at medium speed for at least 10 minutes until soft peaks are formed.
Once the meringue is ready, mix a part with the first preparation and fold into the remaining meringue together with the rice flour mixture.
Dose over greaseproof paper and bake in the oven at 170ºC for 8 minutes with the vent closed.

Strawberry compote

26 g Sugar
3 g NH pectin Sosa
188 Strawberry puree 10% Ravifruit
Mix together the sugar and pectin.
Heat the puree to 45ºC and stir in the previous mixture. Heat to 80ºC stirring constantly.
Cool to 50ºC and use.

Cream cheese mousse

30 g Gelatine mass a 6/1*
43 g Water
1 g Salt
296 g Cream Cheese Elle&Vire
120 g Egg whites
48 g Sugar
Heat the gelatine mass to 40ºC and the water to 20ºC and mix together with the salt.
Heat the cream cheese to 20ºC and gradually stir in the previous mixture, emulsifying with the hand blender. Cool until it starts to gel.
Whisk the egg whites and sugar at medium speed for at least 10 minutes until soft peaks are formed.
Once the meringue is ready, fold in the cream cheese preparation and use.

*Gelatine mass 6/1

86 g Water
14 g Gelatine powder 200 bloom Sosa
Heat the water to 20°C and mix with the gelatine powder using a whisk.
Let hydrate for at least 10 minutes before using.
Keep in the fridge.
To use gelatine leaves, divide the weight of the gelatine mass by 7. The result will be the grams of gelatine leaves needed (without hydrating).

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