Healthy pastry, our contribution to the Health Hackers Meeting Events

Does healthy pastry actually exist? At Jordi Bordas we have always been very careful about using this adjective since we believe that in order to be 100% healthy a recipe needs to be composed only of ingredients beneficial for our health. For this reason, we typically refer to our products as “healthier”.

For technical reasons, it is very difficult to eliminate all the ingredients that might have negative impact on our health from our recipes. However, it is not impossible! For the past couple of weeks, we have been working on developing a recipe that we could label as “healthy”. Thanks to the B·Concept method, we are able to formulate recipes adapted to any specific needs.

It all began when our friend Xevi Verdaguer, a specialist in psychoneuroimmunology, asked us to participate in the second edition of Health Hackers Meeting, an event organized by him and his team during 28th and 29thof September in Mas Les Comelles Parc Cultural.

Our objective was to develop recipes with functional and nutritional ingredients that would not be harmful to our health, but – on the contrary –  could improve it. As you might know, we love these types of challenges and, of course, we jumped right in! The result? An incredible buckwheat bread with seeds and a delicious cacao cake.

We would like to thank Xevi for this amazing opportunity to work together. We have learned so much about the ingredients and their impact on our digestive system and we firmly believe that this knowledge is of the utmost importance while creating our own recipes and fulfilling the three objectives of our pastry philosophy: healthier, lighter and tastier.

We leave you with the two videos that we filmed together with Xevi, in which you will find the recipes, as well as the technical secrets to all the functional ingredients that we use in them. In each of the posts you will find everything you need so you can access them whenever you want.