Jordi Bordas

Jordi Bordas is a creative professional with the motivation to revolutionise the Pastry world.
His entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to develop the B·Concept method: a set of innovative techniques in healthy trends associated with patisserie, enhancing flavour profile, aromas and textures. Furthermore, this concept aims to promote production efficiency in patisseries and kitchens.
Jordi is passionate about his work and his involvement in his projects make him a charismatic, responsible and motivational leader. All these characteristics led him to become the World Champion Pastry Chef at the 2011 Coupe de Monde competition. He was the captain of the first ever-Spanish team to win this competition.
In early 2015, he opened his own school in Viladecans, a place that is dedicate to patisserie training and learning.
Currently, Jordi combines teaching in his training centre as well as sharing his patisserie vision with other professionals throughout the world, besides the B·Concept method, which has allowed you to create your own recipes from scratch.


Alba Arnau

Press & PR


Joan Marquès

B·Pro trainer


Marta Toré

Marketing & PR


Mariona Fidalgo

Courses management


Inés Tomàs

Event Management


Lluc Dalmau

Kitchen production


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