Lactose free chocolate & raspberry cake Recipes

The typical image of lactose free cakes is that they are dense and dry. “Surely with no milk , no cream, no butter … ” We are going to banish this myth there with a delicious, gourmet recipe which is lactose free.  It’s much lighter and easier to digest so it’s the perfect way to end a meal. Why not give it a go?!

Lactose free 60% dark chocolate sponge

101 g Almond flour Sosa
101 g Icing sugar
259 g Whole egg
63 g Sunflower oil
127 g Sao Palme 60% dark chocolate Felchlin
46 g Soft flour
3 g Baking powder
700 g TOTAL
In a freestanding mixer, put the ground almonds and icing sugar. Gradually add the eggs mixing at a medium speed until it’s nice and light. Melt the chocolate at 45ºC along with the sunflower oil. Add one part of the egg mixture to the chocolate mixture and mix. Then add the remaining part. Sift the flour and baking powder and add to the batter. Pipe 700g in a 20cm x 4cm ring at 160ºC for 35 minutes.

Lactose free 60% dark Chocolate whipped cream

 75 g Water
65 g Sao Palme 60% dark chocolate Felchlin
Melt the chocolate at 45ºC. Emulsify with the water at 20ºC using a hand blender. Store in the fridge for 4 hours until it crystallises. Whip in a freestanding mixer for 5 minutes until nice and light.

Raspberry compote

16 g Sugar
1 g NH pectin Sosa
52 g Fresh raspberries
52 g Raspberry puree 10% Ravifruit
Mix the sugar and pectin together. Chop the fresh raspberries in pieces and heat to 40ºC with the raspberry puree. Add the sugar and pectin and bring to 80ºC. Store in a piping bag in the fridge.


Montage and finishing

The chocolate cream and sponge should be made a day before intended use. Cut the cold sponge into discs (1cm thickness) with the help of a serrated knife. In a 20cm ring, put three layers of sponge and two of chocolate cream, alternating between each layer. Finally cover the top with raspberry compote. Decorate with raspberries and lime zest.
*Photo: Becky Lawton revista CUINA

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