What is the B·PRO software?

“B·Pro is an IT software that allows you to optimise production efficiency in your kitchen. It is designed for professionals working in all areas of gastronomy from patisserie, bakeries to cocktail bars etc. A simple, practical and precise tool which allows you to control the different areas of your kitchen.”



  • Organise all your ingredients and incorporate data like buying format, product loss and cost price.  
  • Classify them as allergens, storage or provider
  • Add all the information needed for the labelling, as the legal sales denomination or its composition.
  • Introduce the nutritional values to complete the labels with all the necessary information. 


  • Organise the recipes and subrecipes.
  • Incorporate ingredients and modify the weights with just a click.
  • Introduce the reduction or loss when product is lost during the elaboration.
  • Add the explanation of the preparation process and incorporate photos or videos.
  • Calculate the recipe according to its total weight, the format or a specific ingredient.
  • Print the recipes with all the detailed information for your production team.


  • B·Pro collects in each recipe all the information regarding the ingredients and the nutritional values generating the final text for a correct labelling.


  • Calculate the real cost of each product and its PVP with the assigned margins.
  • Adjust the parameters depending on your business to evaluate the economic performance of each product.


  • Create production sheets with the elaborations that you need to do on a day or on a period.
  • Thanks to the sheets you will be able to organise your production team and assign them the recipes to make.

Technical requirements: B·Pro works with Windows OS, Mac users can use Windows through Boot Camp or similars.

    PRICE: 1.240,00€ + VAT


  • A lifetime license, valid for a single computer
  • Remote installation service
  • PDF user’s manual
  • Update improvements
  • Password reset in the event of loss
  • Reinstallation in case of failure
  • Data base with more than 130 basic recipes and 600 ingredients (optional)
  • It does not include: training, personalization and new modules. 

    To benefit from the parameters “Humidity”, “Dry extract”, “Sweetening power of sugars” and “Sweetness” used in the B·Concept method, you need to purchase the “Balancing Module”, which means an additional cost of 180,00+VAT for the license price.


    Write to us at info@jordibordas.com and we will inform you about how to proceed to the software purchasing.